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Me get pencil, me get paper, me sharpen pencil. ART. BOOM.
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:iconcuteicondividerplz: MEH.

:new:'s taking a while to take the next part out. There is a lot of.......terribly written points, and I had no idea it was this bad. I pretty much deleted three pages worth of writing, so I'm basically rearranging a lot of events to make it flow more fluently than before. That's basically the only update I have thus far, which is why it's resorting to a slower update.

Thanks for your patience, and have a great day!

Oh, and my brother is graduating 6th grade tomorrow, so yeaaah :la:


:iconcuteicondividerplz: Writing

[|..Welcome to the New Age..|] (Avatar: LoK) Part 11: A Truce…

Part 12 [0/15 pages]


`~::A Kingdom Hearts Story (The Keyblade War)::~ Part 3: Arrival…

:new: Part 4 [4/20 pages]

Here's a preview!!

Aseles stood in an open field, the usual space covered in the shadows of the night; the lights of the lanterns and stars above lit the platform of rock nicely and delicately, that almost the grass beneath Aseles’ feet glimmered and softened in appearance. She didn’t know where she was; it was unfamiliar to her, and yet it seemed so peaceful here.  


“Terra,” Aseles replied softly, turning her body to face the right to see the familiar Terra approaching. His shoulders moved easily, yet they were so massive, she could feel the winds push away to allow him to pass. His arms rested at his sides, and his head inclined down to catch her eyes directly.

“Aseles,” he replied kindly. Though, his faint smile dropped, and turned lightly grim that it made Aseles automatically uneasy of the place they were in.

“What is it?”

“Your friend is having an inner battle within himself,” Terra noted, and Aseles instantly knew who he was referring to.

“Yes, he is.”

“You must be cautious around him. This is not any ordinary fight; it will stop at nothing to cease control, and you must be there to prevent it from getting worse. Sora’s locked darkness is growing immensely, and it is very dangerous if something provokes it to open.”

“What do you mean something?” Aseles sighed, “I’m fed up of people not telling me exactly what I should do. Why do you need to /assume/ I already know what to do?”

“The battle within Sora is only something he himself can fight, but he will need his friends to keep Vanitas locked away.”

“Vani-tas? Who is Vanitas?” Aseles opened her arms out.

“Someone that /should’ve/ stayed asleep.”


NOTE: Updates for this will be alternated with updates for LoK.




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