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GAWD this took forever, I'm sorry @__@ School was kicking the crap out of me.
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1- Post these rules.
2- Post 8 facts about your character.
3- Tag other 8 characters. [But I won't because no one ever does it. But hey if you want to do it, feel free!!]
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Tanner (Kingdom Hearts)

1. Tanner is the second eldest brother of the Larkin family, Dimitri being the youngest and Blayne being the oldest. He was influenced by Blayne to pick on Dimitri when they were kids, but once Dimitri had run away from home, Tanner felt heavily guilty that he was the reason he drove him away. He no longer let Blayne influence him afterwards.

2. He once harbored a hidden blade and shield onto his right arm, but after many years of having it attached by a freak Fira accident, he was able to remove it and salvage his forearm. All that is left is a large cut across that runs up to his wrist and a faded burn along his skin. He still uses the blade and shield that can now easily detach and attached when in combat.

3. His gray hair in inherited from his father’s line, and he flaunts it by saying it makes him look mature and older.

4. Tanner flirts a lot with women, and isn’t too shy to approach them to make them smile or laugh. However, he never plans to do anything more. He feels that every woman should be appreciated with how beautiful they look, even if they might not believe it.

5. Tanner is always worried that Dimitri will succumb to Darkness again, and has nightmares about not being able to save him. He fears that Dimitri will become like Blayne, and is always watching his younger brother to make sure he does not walk astray.

6.  Tanner is currently with Michelle (who belongs to :iconweaponninjagirl: respectfully), and has been with her for the past three years. The situation they were in was anything but romantic, but honestly, she looked so beautiful in that blue dress, he couldn’t stay away for that long. Oh, and he totally wants to have kids with her. Now you know, Michelle.

 7.  Michelle ended up giving Tanner a dog named Jojo, who he happily likes to play with. When they have a long day, you can usually find Jojo lying on top of Tanner, the two sleeping on the couch.

 8. Tanner works in the Armory shop in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden.  


Bastil (Kingdom Hearts [but he’s one of the few that I like to crossover in other fandoms])

1. Bastil is asexual, and finds reassurance of making acquaintances that he can depend on. It takes a long time for someone to be considered his friend, but he also holds the belief that one shouldn’t be so attached to friends because it gives a weakness for enemies to abuse.  

2. He strategizes and plans....A LOT. He makes sure everything is checked, nothing is left up to chance, and that his attempts of winning anything are high and attainable. He accepts failures once he accepts that nothing else could have been done and everything was prevented to the best of his abilities.

3. Bastil inherited the ability to use both Light and Darkness, and he has cohesively bound the two abilities into his fighting style. He is never swayed more to one side, firmly believing that they are meant to be together in both harmonic and chaotic situations.

4. He crafted his three rapier swords on his own, all individually holding one magic element in each (Fira, Thundaga, Blizzaga). They are able to be combined with one another through special slots he has created, and when combined he can create new elements.

5. Bastil has self-taught himself to synthesize and handle Materia whether it be for advantages in the battlefield or medical practices. When he was younger, he enjoyed going to the Moogle shops and watching them work.

6. Bastil has anxiety attacks rarely, but when they happen he must seat himself down and write everything that is bothering him to calm his nerves. He has a room dedicated to this, which is poured with all his written notes, tossed notebooks and torn parchments and drawings. He never lets anyone inside there.

7. Bastil lives in a studio in Twilight Town, where he will work on independent or commissioned works of synthesized items. He usually sits on his table near the open windows, eating a bowl of pasta while looking out into the streets while on his break.

8. He likes to the bug the shit out of everyone.

Hope you enjoyed!


:iconcuteicondividerplz: Love you, mates!…

Dear Watchers,

Oh man, this has been some year huh?? A lot of pitfalls for some people, but uplifting for some, we all share the world and a set of dreams, but it’s important to acknowledge there’s a world outside of the web and on the other side of your screen. To be united and come together by values, words, writings, fandoms, or art, we are all friends that feel, sleep and eat; we have good days, we have bad, we have uplifting memories or we sink into the darkest corners of our minds. We are found and succeed, but we can also be lost and lose sight of what is important in life, and I would like to say that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel all of these things: you are a human being, not some plastic doll or robot that needs to be functioning 24/7. Your heart is already doing that for you, so be sure to take care of it, and yourself. You deserve it.

I would like to thank all my watchers, the old and the new who have stuck around to see what I can produce and deliver for your feisty eyes to see. It’s not the best, but I appreciate all of you to even consider watching me. 148 watchers, never would I have dreamed of such a feat for the past seven years, and I hope it continues to grow here, on tumblr, on AO3, wherever you are following me! You are all my inspiration to keep going and I am truly grateful for you :heart:


:iconcuteicondividerplz: Writing

Jeez, I never thought I would get so much done, yet I feel like I had not done enough for your support. I’ve hit a patch this past year, and my goals to finish another fanfiction was a bust. Given all the animation I had to do, I can only assume the same will happen next semester when I have to animate a short film. Hopefully....HOPEFULLY I live, or come back in one piece at least. I’ve said it before, but I have been working on an Honors Project that’s taken the majority of my writing time, but at least I can say I will be presenting it next semester, and never have to bother with it afterwards (depending what happens ONCE I do finish it, and I might want to continue it).

I will try to stay on top of my game with the Kingdom Hearts story, and the Legend of Korra AND attempt to finish one of them at least by March/April to finally release my anticipated Ready, Aim, Fire (Elysia’s Story). I’ve mentioned it in a comment on the last chapter to a faithful reader, but I will repeat the same here: Elysia’s new story is in the works, and I have a handful of pages completed with others just holding scraps and ideas. It WILL crossover into another video game, but I do not wish to disclose what it will be about. We’ll have to wait and see~

I addition, I have been interested in writing two new fanfictions that I’ve had in mind, the overdue ending to Aseles’ story, named =[]Chain-of-Bonds[]=, and an adaptation to the game Transistor (a must-play game if you haven’t already, it’s absolutely a marvelous and splendid experience).

Coming January, it’s supposed to be KH month, but I might make it flexible to take a chapter out for both on-going fanfictions. If not, expect around two chapters for KH!




The website has gone through major modifications, but I am pleased to say it continues to run for another year! Don’t ever be shy to drop by!

We have several, dedicated roleplayers who are always happy to greet and meet other members, old and new, and we will be open to accepting new characters and roleplaying ideas next year!! Admins are always ready to answer your questions, and we will be sure to handle any concerns you might have. In hype for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game, new worlds will be added to extend your experience for your characters and ideas!!


Again, thanks so much guys for an awesome year. I hope you’ve had Happy Holidays, and spend the last day of 2015 happily and wonderfully~! I can’t wait to see you all next year, and see what else is in store for us!




This website is selling artwork not authorized by the artists. 
I found some of my things on there, which is why I ended up putting most of my deviations in storage, so I apologize for that.

I'm not sure how this website can be taken down (it's considered a spam site), but be careful treading through it. I found other artwork from other artists.

Please protect your artwork, it deserves the respect you gave into drawing it.

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Too Close....[NEW]…


Survive WIP…


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With Much Respect,

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With summer finally to its end...I've learned much and recall lessons I have learned from the past:

-Your true friends will always be with you, no matter what the consequences are, and forgive you for your actions.

-Every decision you make greatly portrays what you believe in, and it's important to choose carefully. People do watch.

-Whenever you hit a crisis, always look at the positive notes of the songs around you, despite the hardships that you must face alone.

-Don't ever let your dog play ball off the leash if there is another slobbering dog around.

-Always love your family, or try to get along because they were given to you, and it's something you can never replace. You can pick your friends, but you can never pick your family.

-You don't always end up with your best friend like you hoped for, but never doubt for one second that they care less for you. Keep them close, because you won't find anyone like them.

-Believe that you can do it, despite finding someone better than you. Find the motivation to get better, because no one else will do it for you.

-Become independent in your decisions, and take blame for what you did, or you will never grow up.

-There are always two sides to every story.

-Don't let someone get bullied, do something about it, because it's the right thing to do.

-Don't judge someone before you get to know them, and be respectful with people you've never met, and with those you cherish very dearly.

-Always be one step ahead, and surprise everyone with a bang.

-Be true to yourself, of what you want, of what you do, of what you need because no one wants to talk to a person behind a mask.

-Be thankful for everything that is given to you, even if it's not the best. Work yourself up to where you want to be, and follow your dreams with people who believe you can go beyond expectations.

Have a great day guys, take care.

Forever and Always,


Important: Hackers

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 12:57 AM
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-Just to let you all know that there are Hackers again, who would love to deactivated your account. SO FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR DA ACCOUNT PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!! Okay, so many of you have heard this already, but there's a hacker going around on DA, he's getting into peoples accounts, and even worse, he deactivates them completely. There is a way to avoid this though, if you ever get an email from or something like that, asking you to change your passwords, don't do it , it's a trick to get your account hacked, just delete the email as soon as possible. And now onto worse matters, below is a message (from Microsoft I believe) that is warning people of a massive hacker, and the steps you need to take to stop him from getting you. I would like to thank for getting this info.


-Anyone using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail titled 'Mail Server Report'. If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.' Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC, and the person who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.

-This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the antivirus software's are not capable of destroying it . The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner'.


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Just thought it would be appropriate to come out with a better introduction about myself to those who have clicked on this journal entry out of sheer curiosity or just plain boredom =D

To start things off, my name is Leslie (you can write that on a calulator! 8D) and have just turned 18 on January 15 =] I'm really 15, but the government was just too amazed of my appearance that they forced me to add three more years to myself. Pretty sad, you know? XD Okay, I'm TOTALLY kidding if you didn't catch my sarcasm early. Starting with the basics, yes, I'm a chick, SHOCKER. My family originated from Mexico, so that makes me a Mexican-American citizen ;D Though my Spanish is so poor that I just cannot get along with the language. @.@ We're always beating each other up whenever I screw up saying some word or phrase, and I never really had any nice teachers to teach it to me so....yeah. AHEM...

Family wise, we're pretty random. XD I have a brother and sister, and I just love annoying them when I can. As being the middle child, it is my job to do so >3 I love it. I mean, if I got paid for doing that, do you know how many hamburgers I can buy each day? =O Yes, it's alot. LOL I would buy every Chuck E. Cheese out there! I loves my momma and poppa <3 They're there for me whenever I need advice or lend me a hand. I also have two babies =D MY DOGGIES! Ah, you thought something else, hehe. But yes, my two doggies x3 (Jack+Ellie)

Friends just spell family for me <3 I can't see how I would've grown without them. Best friends? Er, I don't really like to categorize them, but I do talk to some more than others, that much is true =3 and most of us move on and never speak to each other again, which is really sad =[ But people change like that, not much you can do about it. However, yes, the friends I have right now are amazing, so thank you guys x3

Hmm, what else? OH, general stuff =P I love to draw, and I plan to major in Art with a BA in my chosen university x3 That is pretty darn awesome. At first, I had no clue what I wanted to be, so that was tough >.> I was planning on being a chef, but every time my mom would give me a lesson, I would zone out, which isn't very good .___.; Nothing really catches my attention other than improving my skills, and that's what I'm doing C: I also like to run, sleep, eat (Oh boy, do I love to EAT 83), read, and write (got some fanfics done on Quizilla ;D). I try not to do the same thing everyday, but it usually ends up that way. XD

For favorites, I love the color GREEN 83 The vibrant color automatically catches my attention, especially in the eyes. As for food, my momma's cooking x3 and as for animals, my ultimate favorite animal is....a hedgehog 83 (followed by cheetahs, wolves and ligers!) They're so cute and all spiky x3 they're the porcupines that aren't that messed up because they don't charge at you with their rear ends. XD


Overall, I'm hard-working, persistent, impulsive and trusting 24/7. So far in life, I believe it's going pretty well, and there's nothing to be angry or disappointed about. I learn from my mistakes and cherish what I have <3 I always try to be open-minded, understanding, organized, and healthy every day, though if its a rough day at school, I'm just lazy and carefree. XD It depends I suppose. I'm very opened to make new friends, so yay x3 Though if we were to meet in real life, I would be extremely shy and have no idea what to say O.O I would probably blurt out the most random stuff ever, freak you out, and never see you again because you would give me some excuse to not visit me again...XD yeah. lol Please don't do that ^.^;;;

I believe that's all I can give now so....suhweet x3 Thanks for reading, and here's a trophy for making it all the way until the end =O *hands out trophy for ya* You my friend deserve that x3

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have an awesome day ;D *throws confetti*...Don't run through it...I gotta remember that every time. XD

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